The day after the day of the Trump election (2016)

The day after the day after theTrump election two good friends, who both teach in colleges that are hardly havens for the 1%, reacted to the election results this way: One cried “How can I teach literature in the face of this?”  The other reported he spent the afternoon of November 9 with his honors class — sitting in a circle reading in turn lines from “Leaves of Grass.”

What do we believe in?  How do we go on?

mixd media on canvas, 48" high x 34" wide
“Perch, November 9, 2016″ mixd media on canvas, 48″ high x 34” wide;      ©️ Basil King, 2016

This is a painting Baz did yesterday, called  “Perch: November 9, 2016” —  from his newest series — because that’s what he did.