I think of series in my paintings like a series of poems. I don’t think one thing alone ever defines a motif.  Many of my series remain open so I can come back to them. I know “The Cards” isn’t finished even though I began painting playing card iconography in the 1980s. I’m not finished with “Baseball” either. One series that I feel is complete is “Stravinsky/Nijinsky.”  

I don’t have favorites but some were turning points for me. “The Green Man” started when I did 15 paintings of the Green Man. This subject and its implications are endless. The Green Man produces changes in social and political behaviors…because our connections to nature can’t be denied.  I’ve come back to it again and again.  

 My first treatment of “Highway Obstacle” was in1969. It connected my hitchhiking memories to something that can be painted. By that time I no longer had to be literal. It was a mystic tuning point to which I return periodically. 

 After the Storm” -2004- means a lot to me as it was part of how I processed the disaster of 9/11.  I had experienced traumas as a boy in the Second World War in England.  

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