Perils of Archiving, Part 3: Two dreams

In a folder marked Basil’s dream

Baz and Robert Creeley were together, he visiting Creeley’s house, and Creeley had taken him out onto a large veranda or open porch where they stood together looking down into the yard as a bear, a male bear (I questioned Baz about that), wearing a white apron, but not cute, not Paddington or Winnie-the-Pooh but a large wild bear, walking upright, and wearing a white apron, walked from the woods through the yard, climbed up a large tree, and halfway up, stopped, yanked from the trunk a knot, carefully lowered himself a way down, then jumped rather gracefully to the ground;  whereupon, carrying the knot in his forepaws, he returned, retracing his steps, to the woods.  Baz and Creeley, both delighted, laughed.

courtesy of Getty commons
courtesy of Getty common

And in the same undated file folder


Wildbear sat down

Black bird flew up

–Hetty King,

(who wrote quite a bit of poetry before she was 12 when dancing became her main focus.)