Too damn many mischievous metaphors about being ill. The FLOOO blows through and that silly tongue twister keeps repeating in my head:   as a flea and a fly in a flue… imprisoned so what could they do?

Said the flea “let us fly”

Said the fly “let us flee”

They floo through a flaw in the flew

Well, there must be one.  Been sick since December 31 I think.   What time is it now?  Got better, got worse again.  My cheerleader Baz keeps insisting:  We Are Better.  Better than?   Bitter batter.  Betty bought a brick of better butter…

See what I mean?  Surely there has to be a way to stop this thing!

Where are my Neanderthal genes when I need ‘em most?  Just thickening my bone structure, already a tell-tale indication that I may have more than the normal 2-3% Neanderthal hold-overs sequesting in my de-oxy-ribo-nu-cle-ic molecules…. Thick bones never did anything for me personally but what about those 200,000 year old adaptations, saved through the generations because they confer immunity to Northern European VIRUS ??   Eh?   Now that you’ve been rehabilitated,  bleached, and relieved.

©2008 National Geographic Society

  1. lori

    Hope you are on the mend