Enjoying MAX

Enjoying MAX at the beach The wonderful Laurie Price, poet/ artist / editor, takes MAX SEES RED on Mexican beach vacation. She has this to say:  “Wonderful!  Plus structure & suspense & character development.” Max Sees Red, by Martha King. … Read More

News about Max Sees Red

Comment & a review “I love Martha King’s astutely roving eyes & ears, what & who she notices, how deftly she weaves perceptive commentary in & out of encounters, & especially how accurately she pegs the now faint smells of … Read More

Don Yorty celebrates Basil King

New on Yorty’s blog Lovely episode on Don Yorty’s blog — combining images from Basil King’s Green Man Comes to 4th Street portraits with a reading by Baz of Part 7 of his long poem with the same name. When … Read More

Celebrating YUKO OTOMO’s new book Martha and Basil King join in celebrating YUKO OTOMO’s new book Anonymous Landscape (from Lithic Press) is a marvelous full-length meditation on anonymity and civility among other things.  The Kings are delighted to join John … Read More

Fine Review of Outside/Inside

Fine review of my memoir in Golden Handcuffs Excited to let everyone know that Ian Brinton has reviewed my memoir, Outside/Inside in issue 27, Vol 2, of  Golden Handcuffs Literary Review. A very thoughtful review that places my book in … Read More

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