BUGS! make a plate remarkable

  Why?  Why?   It’s always about choice unless it’s about obedience to a command, but that simply shifts the origin of the question over to another person. Why is this image chosen? Those three birds? The broken barrel (is it?)?  … Read More

Death and the Green Man

Basil is looking for the Green Man across the globe…being of the opinion that our interfaces with nature are irritants across many cultures.  Irritants that make oysters create pearls.  Irritants that are never solved.  Being of the opinion that no … Read More

What’s art for?

Downstairs in the Metropolitan’s very modern Lehman donut there is a fascinating exhibition of early Egyptian art.  It traces what scholars currently deduce about the evolution of that art as revealed by “predynastic” finds from 4,400 BC  (roughly six thousand … Read More

September 22: Basil King at Anthology Film Archives

The Friends of Basil King will present “Basil’s Arc – The Paintings and Poetics of Basil King” at Anthology Film Archives,  32 Second Avenue at Second Street, New York City, on Saturday, September 22, 2012, from 12 noon to 6 … Read More


INVASIVE !    You can click on these photos to see them larger. [slideshow]                       Are we supposed to hate ourselves for everything?   Found photos: Loose strife:Eric Coombs, Oregon Department … Read More

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