Fall Now–and Summer Was

  Three trips this summer: 1) To Sag Harbor, where the factory in which  a large cohort of young working women licked the brushes they used to paint glow-in-the-dark watch faces. They later died horribly of radium poisoning, their teeth more … Read More

Baz does “Windows”

Baz does Windows! This new series, called Windows, of mixed media on Stonehenge paper (all 40 inches x 26 inches ) and two diptych paintings (mixed media on canvas, combined dimensions 56 inches x 42 inches) testify to some variation … Read More

More new art from Baz

   The Birds Arrive, which started November/December 2013 and is  continuing…There are now 24 images. All © Basil King, 2013-14. Pigeons in Delacroix’s Garden!   Nine of ten new works on paper, from this spring.  All © Basil King, 2014. A new … Read More

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