A New York Birthday–with Cops and Hot Dogs

Hetty arrived in mid-summer.  Basil’s parents had taken our daughter Mallory out to Long Island where Esther (her grandmother) and some of her relatives could dote on Mallory while we waited on Second Avenue to deliver her sib. We two … Read More

The world of LIFE

Looking for complementary photos for my chapbook “Seventy Years Ago in the South” – to come soon in Michael Rothenberg’s wonderful BIG BRIDGE online – I found that ole Google has the entire archive of Life magazines on line, free. … Read More

Martha King died – Martha J. King, 1928-2011

The other Martha King died more than a year ago. But because she was a skilled and frequently published translator and editor of writings by Italian women, she will continue to be the “other Martha King.” Information about her books … Read More

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