What’s old is new

Ever since going through all drawers and files (as we moved out of the top two floors of our Brooklyn house and consolidated ourselves in the bottom two)…I’ve been going through files of unpublished poetry, or poetry published in long … Read More

Fall Now–and Summer Was

  Three trips this summer: 1) To Sag Harbor, where the factory in which  a large cohort of young working women licked the brushes they used to paint glow-in-the-dark watch faces. They later died horribly of radium poisoning, their teeth more … Read More

Perils of Archiving, Part 2

Found: Notes on Gentility  (date unknown) I’ve never understood women in expensive restaurants who whip out lipsticks to remake their faces right at the table. Inspections in the compact mirror.  Baring teeth to check for crumbs of lipstick or food. … Read More

Baz does “Windows”

Baz does Windows! This new series, called Windows, of mixed media on Stonehenge paper (all 40 inches x 26 inches ) and two diptych paintings (mixed media on canvas, combined dimensions 56 inches x 42 inches) testify to some variation … Read More

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