The Pigeons of Winter 2013

Baz has been moving across and back from abstract to figures again. There will be pigeon paintings on canvas this winter. For a look at numbers 1 to 8, copy this link into your browser: These eight are all … Read More

Japanese Sex Art

 “Shhh  Shunga: Sex and pleasure in Japanese Art”  is on view at the British Museum, London, until Jauary 5, 2014. Shunga actually means “spring pictures.”  Many pictures from the floating world, another lovely meaning  we all recognize…floating. According to the … Read More

Our UK Tour – Final installment

October 17:  Sussex University;  October 24: Brookes Oxford First of all, Brookes Oxford is a new university in Oxford, not the ancient dreaming spires establishment.  It was named in 1992 to honor its first principal … but was previously known … Read More

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