Rug Time

Our friend Tony Landreau, Anthony N. Landreau, happily glossed our rugs when he visited.  When his bag contained 3 gallons of wine and clean socks.   When his bag was a proper suitcase holding notebooks, clean shirts, and suits.   Rug scholar, … Read More

Thanksgiving – Thank you OWS

Was it only this past summer that Andrei Codrescu was wondering where on earth are the people who object?  Why isn’t anyone out on street, carrying a sign, why isn’t anyone saying  anything?  It’s about three months since then.  That’s … Read More

Basil’s baseball paintings

There are a few of Basil’s baseball paintings on the Art page, main website. “Pastorale” turns up in several of his poems… In the late 1970s, when Basil’s studio was on  Hudson Avenue just up from the Con Edison plant … Read More

First blog post

Greetings. Baz did these graphics in 2002…but they seem apt for this September. The series is called “Twin Towers.”[slideshow] For some reason they didn’t all load — and two bottoms are cut off. I have a lot to learn!

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